We Can’t Look Away

Jennifer Bedrossian is a friend in the fight against human trafficking. In her own words:

I started UNCVRD three years ago after learning about the harsh realities of human sex trafficking.


Sex trafficking, labor trafficking, the exploitation of children – it’s all atrocious. It’s easier to look away, to pretend that it doesn’t exist. I believe, however, that we are not only called to not look away, but to stare it down directly in the face. Speak up when something feels off. Share the stories and statistics. Set boundaries to keep our kids safe online. Get involved and donate to organizations that are on the front lines of this fight.

You can read the entire post here.


  • Patricia hernandez granato on September 29, 2019

    Good afternoon. Jennifer, i was reading. i agree with your story on being part of a solution and not the problem. I was thinking i can help by speaking up. How can i help to recognize when a teen is being sexually trafficked. I recently attended a. Wchosen womans conference in san antonio on 9/28/19. A message was brought to my attention. By Naomi.

  • Brave Team on January 17, 2020

    Hi Patricia! thank you for the comment; we are always encouraged by women who have a heart for this cause. Did you know we are starting a Brave Chapter in San Antonio? We’d love to connect you with them! Email us for more info: [email protected]. God bless!