Brave Combats Suicide, the “Hidden Disease”

We are all in this together,” Barnes said. “No matter how you feel, or for how long you feel it—you belong.

This week another young life was ended as a result of suicide. A pastor with a wife, three young kids, and a thriving church in Southern California fell victim to aloneness, depression, anxiety and internal entrapment.

We ask ourselves how things can get this bad. Don’t these people know they are loved? Valued? Purpose-filled? The answer is “no” for some. For others, the answer is “yes.” They do know. But the Enemy has taken hold of their minds, hearts and self-worth to such a degree that even what they know to be true is stolen and replaced by lies that tell them there is no other way out.

Lisa Barnes, Salvation Army officer and pastor was featured last month in the article linked below. She talks about the common misconceptions troubled youth have: That they are the only ones going through these kids of struggles. That they are alone. She says, “I see that often, no matter what these girls are feeling, they seem to think that they are the only ones,” she said. “When they come together and meet other girls who are similar, they see that they aren’t alone, and that they are a part of a team—an army even—of folks who aren’t that different, and in their corner. We could all use more of that in our lives.” Read Full Article

How can BRAVE help?

In her words, one of Lisa’s favorite resources is the “Brave This is Me” journal, which “helps young women to do soul searching, figure out who they are, and what they want on their own.” Barnes calls it “empowering” and “trajectory shifting.”

The Brave Journal is an interactive tool, designed to go through in a small group study, or on one’s own. Full of Brave Thoughts & Brave Acts, this book teaches young girls how to find their best self, understand their strengths and most of all to be assured that they were created to fulfill a purpose.

Do you know a young girl or a group of youth who could use this journal?

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Captain Lisa Barnes and her family

Lisa grew up in 37 different foster homes & believed at a young age that she would forever be “stuck” until someone changed that narrative for her. She not only went on to survive, but to THRIVE. She now devotes her life to helping young people find direction, wholeness, victory over struggle, and the true love of God.