Finding Empowerment Through Community

If you’ve ever been part of a small group study, you know true healing and connection can happen in these places! Just this month two BRAVE Journal Studies have been mobilized in Southern California. One at a continuation school and another at a residential treatment center.

Vulnerable teens are working through the “This is Me” interactive journal which is all about IDENTITY. The response to this curriculum and the discussions have been transformative for these young girls! They are opening up about their hardships and learning to lean on each other for true community – a community helping them realize they are loved, valued and have a purpose greater than they could have imagined!

Do you know of a youth group, school book club or even a non-profit serving young people who could use this experience? We encourage you to order your copies today at See how you can help teens in your area learn more about who they were made to be! (Scroll down for a sneak peek!)

With gratitude for your continued support,

Miley Waterman
Brave Global CEO


Brave This Is Me Journal


Chapter Topics Include

  1. Who You Are and Why it Matters
  2. Battling the Messages From Others
  3. The Power of Words (Self-talk Matters!)
  4. You Get What You Aim For
  5. Self-Care and Why it Matters
  6. The Hole in Your Heart and How to Fill It
  7. Defying Normal
  8. Who Can We Look Up To


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  • Melissa on September 15, 2019

    I write poetry and would love to be apart of the solution as well. I was a victim of trafficking myself. How can I get in involved? Be of service?

    • Brave Team on January 17, 2020

      Hi Melissa! So sorry for the delay on this comment. We would love to see your work and collaborate, if possible! Can you email us?