Brave Embodied Episode 1: Who I Am

Welcome to the Brave Embodied Virtual Series with Jean Nangwala! This series is for young women ages 11 and up and is designed to help you bravely navigate the waters of growing up as a female in today’s world. Each episode is made up of an art project, an encouraging word and a prayer for the subject at hand. In this episode we will answer the question: “Who Am I?” Get your journal, some paints, brushes and let’s discover our identity together!

Brave Embodied Episode 2: What Is Beauty?

What is beautiful? Who tells us what beauty is? How can we be grateful for our unique, God-given attributes that make each of us beautiful in our own way? Get your journal, a pen and your beautiful smiling face ready to receive a good word from Jean.

Brave Embodied Episode 3: Friendships

Defining and creating healthy friendships circles is a must! Join Jean as she helps us know what a good friend is… and is not. Supplies needed for this video: your journal, colored paper, scissors, a pen and glue or tape.


Jean is a speaker, singer, survivor-advocate, curator and she lives for uplifting the voices of the unheard. Her “Tales of a Black Girl” platform is rich with personal testimony turned into encouragement for others. Follow her using the links below!