When girls hear the stories of women who faced struggles in their youth, their walls come down. There’s something powerful when we learn that others have triumphed in places where we have felt hopeless. At a Brave conference, eyes come open to the possibilities of a future where dreams become a reality. Every girl needs to know she is not alone, and every girl can be inspired to believe.

Noemi Chavez | International Speaker & Brave Global Founder

The work that BRAVE Global is doing is outstanding. In my 30 years of working with At–Risk Youth, I have never come across an event close to what BRAVE stands for. Many of our youth have never felt love or have had any family support. Attending the BRAVE event brings them hope and happiness; the impact it leaves with our young ladies is everlasting.

Thank you for all that BRAVE continues to do in making a difference in the lives of others.

Lisa Garcia | Los Angeles County Probation Department

The City of Long Beach has endorsed BRAVE Long Beach since its inception. Research shows that 80% of trafficking victims under the age of 18 are in the Los Angeles County Foster Care System. These are our girls, living in our neighborhoods. We are honored to partner with BRAVE to send a message of hope and resiliency so these girls know they have options for hope, education and healing.

Tracy M. Colunga | MSW Director | Innovation Team City of Long Beach

One girl that has always been a troubled child started to see her worth. She improved her grades, wanted to participate in school activities, asked for help after school. Her whole attitude changed. She truly turned her bad attitude into something good. The speakers really touched her heart. She realizes that she can do anything she puts her mind to do.

Anonymous Caregiver

I thought it was just amazing.The message is so positive and up-lifting. When I saw how happy the girls were, it gave me chills. I felt very empowered. Thank you so much. We would love to participate again next year.

Anonymous Caregiver


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