Brave Girls Everywhere!

? Spring has sprung and so have Brave girls everywhere!! ?

We’re super excited to share with you that BRAVE has been reaching girls far and wide this season from Orange County, CA (Mariners Church in Irvine) all the way to Spring Arbor, Michigan (Set Free Ministries)!

The local church is answering the call to empower this next generation in mighty ways, and the fruits of their labor will produce young women who understand their purpose, and who are ready to fight for their freedom and the freedom of others.

Why does this matter? It matters because all girls are at-risk. Yes, all girls. Far and wide. At risk of exploitation, homelessness, drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, poor self image, depression, anxiety … the list goes on…

This is why Brave Global exists.

To equip churches and organizations everywhere to reach these young women with a message based on these Brave Pillars:

We can’t reach these girls without you.
There are many ways to be BRAVE alongside us!

  • Are you interested in becoming a Brave Church?
  • Do you have a desire to partner with us monthly in order to sustain the Brave mission?
  • Would you like to connect Brave with a corporate donor or related cause in order to take this effort further?

Get started on your own Brave Journey. There is a girl out there who needs you to answer the call. The time is now!