Some Caregivers Don’t Get to Choose

Have you talked with your youth about racism?

There’s no question: Talking about race can be sensitive, and yes, even messy. “Choosing” whether or not to talk to youth about this topic is an option many caregivers don’t have; their youth have already or will likely learn about it by confronting racism in their own everyday lives.

As Brave continues to stand in solidarity with our black community, we are providing links to videos, books and podcasts that could help you as you choose to do the right thing.

What’s a stake if we don’t? The very generation we claim to empower will actually grow up as contributors to another century of injustice.

We hope you will make use of these tools and share them with others who are caring for our youth.

We believe in you.


How to Talk to Youth About Racism

Did you miss it? Join this brave conversation with Vanessa Cruz about how she is leading her youth in the most revolutionary season this nation has seen in decades. You don’t want to miss her honesty & passion as she invites us to remain faithful to the uncomfortable, hard work of unity, equity and justice.

What Does it Mean to Lament?

As our hearts weep for our African-American brothers and sister who continue to stare into the face of evil face & racism, our very brave friends at Urban Youth Workers Institute were able to gather several youth leaders who hold this pain personally, and and hear their voices of lament. If you want to witness Godly vulnerability and the reconciliation of pain and hurt, watch this video and mourn alongside them. We’re committed to listening and learning from our black leaders who were courageous enough to share their letters, poems, and sentiments of lament.

Brave is dedicated to resourcing our youth and caregivers during this difficult time. We invite you to be brave & join us by making a tax deductible donation.