COVID & Trafficking

Many of us were shocked to read the headlines about Wayfair last month, accusing the furniture retailer of trafficking children within the industrial cabinets they were selling at extremely high price points. These claims spread like wildfire across social media, as influencers gained popularity and followers by speaking up on this accusation. The claims have [...]

How Do We Move Forward?

A new week is here ... have you stayed engaged? I've heard this pointed question on social media from our black brothers & sisters: "Has your feed gone back to normal?" In other words, 'are you still with us?' It's a great question for those of us who committed to change, to learning, and to [...]

Some Caregivers Don’t Get to Choose

Have you talked with your youth about racism? There’s no question: Talking about race can be sensitive, and yes, even messy. "Choosing" whether or not to talk to youth about this topic is an option many caregivers don’t have; their youth have already or will likely learn about it by confronting racism in their own [...]

This Too Shall [Not] Pass

This too shall [not] pass. We are undoubtedly in a season of awakening and revolution. For some it has stirred pain, self-awareness, sorrow, and reckoning. For others it has stirred rage, exhaustion, and unprecedented determination. "This will pass" is a phrase often used to induce comfort, peace, and hope. But right now, we challenge you [...]

It’s Not Just a Hashtag…

“For those who can’t breathe right now, we will breathe again.” - Cheryl Nembhard, Brave Author & Board Member Last year Cheryl was signing her new book for hundreds of young women from different backgrounds. She had just spoken to them about their identity as QUEENS. This season there will be no brave events, no [...]


HAPPY FriYAY! How are you feeling, Brave Ones? At the end of these stay-at-home weeks many of us are finding ourselves not only mentally exhausted but not understanding WHY. Well, give yourself some grace. Right now. Remember that we are all working, schooling, ministering, and caring for people in a different way than we ever [...]

Thank You, Brave Ones!

Thank you for your support yesterday! Our #GivingTuesdayNow fundraiser was a success on many levels! Thanks to your generosity, we raised over $1,000 and increased our followers + interactions by thousands! Raising awareness for our mission is just as important as raising dollars. Every story heard, every post shared, and every encouraging comment given goes [...]

Child Abuse Prevention Month

MYTH:``I've already reported to Child Protective Services. My job is done.`` As an 8 year old, I had heard of CPS (Child Protective Services), and I had known someone out there had called them to report my mom. I knew it wasn’t me. The fact that I hadn’t even told anyone meant that there was [...]

Meet Tori Hope Petersen

Meet Tori Hope Petersen, a new member of the Brave Global family. This month she helps us shine a light on National Child Abuse Prevention by courageously telling some of her story: "These were the two most convincing lies I believed. They were told to me with hopes that abuse would hide in the shadows. For as long [...]