COVID & Trafficking

Many of us were shocked to read the headlines about Wayfair last month, accusing the furniture retailer of trafficking children within the industrial cabinets they were selling at extremely high price points. These claims spread like wildfire across social media, as influencers gained popularity and followers by speaking up on this accusation. The claims have [...]

Global. For Reals.

Brave across the miles. Did you know that Moldova, the small country sandwiched between Romania and the Ukraine, is one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe? It is a source country for trafficking, organ sales and has no foster care system to deal with the thousands of street children who are left every day […]

We Can’t Look Away

Jennifer Bedrossian is a friend in the fight against human trafficking. In her own words: I started UNCVRD three years ago after learning about the harsh realities of human sex trafficking. I WANTED TO BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION. Sex trafficking, labor trafficking, the exploitation of children – it’s all atrocious. It’s easier to […]