Brave Combats Suicide, the “Hidden Disease”

We are all in this together,” Barnes said. “No matter how you feel, or for how long you feel it—you belong. This week another young life was ended as a result of suicide. A pastor with a wife, three young kids, and a thriving church in Southern California fell victim to aloneness, depression, anxiety and internal […]

Global. For Reals.

Brave across the miles. Did you know that Moldova, the small country sandwiched between Romania and the Ukraine, is one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe? It is a source country for trafficking, organ sales and has no foster care system to deal with the thousands of street children who are left every day […]

Brave Goes to Seattle!

Saturday, as many were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Seattle BRAVE was celebrating 200+ girls being empowered and loved on like never before! Pictured above, you see 200+ girls who wrote down stories and wounds from their past, ripped them up then sprinkled glitter, glitter and more glitter all over the pieces. All together they tossed […]