The Best Expression of Love Is Time

Time. Something we need more for ourselves but want to give less to others. Time. The most valuable of all gifts, yet the least given because we feel we can CONNECT with people by taking shortcuts. Shortcuts through a text message, through a “like” on a post, and sometimes through a nod across a crowded room instead of an actual conversation.

What could the world look like if we chose to connect by investing actual time in people, with the goal being to understand one another on a deeper level instead of scratching the surface by exchanging memes or motivational quotes?

In honor of Valentine’s Day – an overly commercialized and potentially corny holiday – I would encourage you to pick up the phone and have a chat with someone you’ve been thinking of lately. Hear the tone of their voice and really listen to the answer to the most falsely answered question, “How are you?” …. Then if you are feeling especially daring, challenge them when they say “Fine” or “OK” and then ask, “No, really… How are you?”

Sometimes connecting (or reconnecting) with others takes bravery. It requires us to leave our comfort zone. But consider the reward for this risk! In exchange for time invested, you receive authentic relationships and a deeper bench of people who really, truly know you.
I’d say that’s a pretty good return on investment.

Miley Waterman
Brave Global CEO


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