How are you feeling, Brave Ones? At the end of these stay-at-home weeks many of us are finding ourselves not only mentally exhausted but not understanding WHY. Well, give yourself some grace.

Right now.

Remember that we are all working, schooling, ministering, and caring for people in a different way than we ever thought we would. Weeks into this new normal, and most of us are still struggling with “firsts” that don’t feel normal at all! That is ok. You are not alone! Our prayer for you this weekend is that you can give yourself some space and some much needed rest.

Did you catch yesterday’s conversation with Lori Lara?

Lori talks to us about coming out of a place of hurting into a place of healing, helping, and staying grounded during crisis (hello, pandemic.) ✨Lori Lara’s mission is to share hope, healing, and real world self-defense instruction. As a third degree black-belt in mixed martial arts and creator of The Strong Girl Self-Defense Program, Lori teaches unique blend of effective fighting skills while also building the mental, emotional, and spiritual foundations of self-protection.

*Spoiler alert: We talk about the power of unfollowing our “friends” and other BRAVE survival moves!

Have you been encouraged or resourced by Brave Global lately? Do you believe in our mission and that together we can reach the most vulnerable? We want to thank you for sticking with us through this time. We count on your partnership and prayer during this time, more than ever!