Thank You, Brave Ones!

Thank you for your support yesterday! Our #GivingTuesdayNow fundraiser was a success on many levels! Thanks to your generosity, we raised over $1,000 and increased our followers + interactions by thousands! Raising awareness for our mission is just as important as raising dollars. Every story heard, every post shared, and every encouraging comment given goes farther than you could imagine.

We’re grateful for you!


Founder's Interview

Did you catch our Founder’s Interview? If not, check it out. We promise it will bring a brave smile to your face. ?

“Join CEO Miley Waterman as she interviews Brave founders Danielle Strickland & Noemi Chavez about what is keeping them grounded, how they met, and what they love about leading together!”

Didn’t get a chance to donate yesterday? Don’t worry! You still have time. All donations are tax deductible!